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Work, inequalities and lifecourse @ Solent

The Work, Inequalities and Lifecourse (WIL) research group brings together academics from across the disciplines who are interested in one or more of these issues. WIL provides a space for new conversations to happen and collaborations to develop, for seminars,
and for sharing resources through workshops, mailing lists, and online discussions. Conceptually, we are interested in work in a broad sense – so labours both paid and unpaid, and how these fit together and change over the lifecourse. At the organisational and macro levels, we are concerned with workplace and managerial practice, shifting labour markets and skillset demands, and how inequalities are embedded within these, as well as how they can be challenged and countered in policy terms.
These concerns tap into some of the most pressing demands of our time that affect our daily lives, including worker wellbeing, the growing use of zero-hours contracts and the gig economy, shifting workforce demographics, how technology is affecting jobs, and the widening gap around work-based disadvantage.